Fragmented Rebellions has been the work first and foremost of University of Oregon undergraduate and graduate students in Dr. Faith Barter's course, ENG 468/568: Black Rebellions. This site represents the culmination of our coursework in the Winter 2020 academic term—itself an incredible accomplishment given that this site is launching as the world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a testament to the students in the course that they have been able to produce such a textured, nuanced, and rigorous site after just ten weeks in class together. However, the site itself is only possible because several individuals and institutions have lent their resources and expertise:

Czander Tan managed the construction of our Omeka site from start to finish, workshopped digital tools with students, and consulted on all aspects of the site from conception to execution. His participation was possible through his involvement in Rebellions in the African Diaspora.

We would also like to thank Dr. Heidi Kaufman, who oversees the Digital Humanities Minor in the Department of English at the University of Oregon, for her assistance in the establishment and creation of the site.